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Saint Mykola

on December, 19 is a day of Saint Nikolay on Farm of Savky



Day of Saint Nikolay


In this day we will arrange the real holiday of Mykola. Such that it could be for our great-grandfathers.

How will pass saint?

Farm of Савки – it a museum that opens traditional culture through all five feeling. Our interactive excursions allow not only to see, that was ancient Polesye but also hear, to touch him, to feel as it smelled and that was to the taste.

The program of visit shows a soba a trip in the authentic Ukrainian village and 17-18 centuries expose life and way of life of the Ukrainian peasant.

Meeting is with bread-salt

child - tours - 900

So there is a lesson of weaving after an ancient machine-tool. Once on such wove everything – from paths to the festive clothing. Teach, tell, show.

Гостини begin from meeting with bread and salt, old Ukrainian tradition after that all family welcomed guests, and a hostess brought to the guests yet hot bread, that everybody broke off a piece побільше expressed respect to the owners.

Interactive excursion

  • Borsch is with печерицями. Prepares in a stove, covered by a cabbage sheet. Given with sour cream, greenery and buns with a garlic.
  • A roast with mushrooms is traditional Polesye food that since olden times prepared on every day, or at choice potato in full-dress uniforms with a herring.
  • Pickled cucumbers
  • Cabbage stewed with prunes
  • Lean vareniks are with a poppy and honey
  • Узвар is from the domestic dried fruit


Interactive excursion, and also all afore-named foods and masterclasss are included in the cost of the three-hour program that folds are 330 hrn.s for every guest. The performance of folklore group of “Рожаниця” is paid by extra – 1400 hrn.s

will Have question – phone: 067 593 11 00, mister Савка, owner


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